In april 2018, Cointreau released a new vibrant campaign around its new slogan: “the art of the mix”.

Featured in over 350 classic cocktails like the margarita and the cosmopolitan, Cointreau has long been a player in cocktail culture.

This spirited campaign, created by agency Satisfaction, confirms Cointreau’s place at the heart of that equation, while celebrating its new identity. With its launch, the brand is officially staking its position as a leader in developed markets, growing its reputation in new markets, and bolstering its status as a pioneer.

Comprised of a master film, capsule shorts and print assets.

Cointreau is a master of chemistry, both between ingredients and people. It is contagious, inclusive, and chic. This campaign’s mission is to creatively express these truths.

Satisfaction answers the brief with a modern Music Hall of dancing recipes where every character is an ingredient and every cocktail a choreography.

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