Metaxa is about to launch METAXA 12 Stars in Europe and Russia.

Metaxa 12 Stars is one of the Metaxa’s most premium styles of the collection.

It’s the refined expression of the Metaxa Stars range. It’s not a Whisky, it’s not a Bourbon, it’s not a Cognac. It’s a one-of-a-kind smooth spirit. It’s an amber spirit of exceptional craftsmanship that captures a unique rich, sweet and delicate taste made of subtle floral and herbal touches.

Metaxa 12 Stars is subtle and complex. Its taste is unique and transports us.

Each sip is a pilgrimage to flavor. Its charm and particular exoticness are irresistibly associated with the principle of “journey” and in the first step of these “journeys” lies the true meaning of our campaign.

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