In 2018, as it turns 130 years, the House of Metaxa reveals a new brand campaign, expressing its vision of exploration.

Starting summer 2018, this 360° campaign will roll out globally across all METAXA markets.

We’ve translated the distinctive METAXA experience into a brand campaign that will appeal to everyday hedonists and explorers.

We worked on the parallel between tasting METAXA and “exploring” the world. The focus was placed on the sensorial journey METAXA takes you on: the unique taste, the surprising sensations you feel when you drink METAXA.

Exploration was at the heart of our work. We therefore invited 3 explorers:
– Mike Horn – Guillaume Nery – Laura Bingham, with very inspiring personalities, to illustrate and convey this simple message.

Reaching out to the explorer in each one of us, we have captured the one-of-a-kind METAXA experience in the signature:
Don’t drink it, explore it.

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