Satisfaction presents the new communication platform where the intrinsic characteristics of a product become a modern and premium lifestyle, emphasising on “the Duvel moments”.

From the Ardennes forests to the beaches of Ostend, Ghent’s cobblestones to the bistros of Liège, it is the beauty of our flat country that runs to the rhythm of a Duvel as it’s poured and lived with an intense tornado of emotions. The landscapes blend into its golden color. The life that embodies it is as fresh as its foam and reveals a metaphor between product and “moments lived”.

For casting, the brand was able to count on a wild band of real “Duvelers”. Fans of the brand, contacted on social networks threw themselves into the experience by playing their own roles.

It will inscribe Duvel and its legendary tornado in the hearts of Belgians, a place it never really left.

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